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Static Noise Coming From Studio Monitors Only During Games

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asked Oct 11, 2021 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by alper_can (390 points)

Whenever I launch a game, especially requires some level of GPU, I start hearing this static noise from my studio monitors connected my Presonus Studio 192 Mobile. Its very annoying. These noises increases or changes frequency with different FPS (frame per second) during games. (ex: Looking around with your chracter or entering different menus).
I tried;
-Connecting speakers to a different socket other than my pc is connected.
-Pluging Studio 192 mobileinto different USB.
- All the steps under "Monitoring Hardware: Hearing noise in my studio monitors".
- My Universal Control is up to date.
If you have any exprience regarding to my problem any help would be great. Here is a little video me trying to explaing the issue.Thanks in advance. Have a great day.

1 Answer

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answered Jan 29, 2023 by jaroslawkopka (140 points)

Did you solve this case? Having the same problem :c In some games helped by reducing fps but for some still so annoying and I need more fps.

Have a nice day