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Add the ability to change the Voice FX in the Revelator io44 between Channel 1/2

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asked Apr 12, 2022 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by xwilliammeex (120 points)
Hey guys,

I just got a Revelator io44, and I think it's pretty decent thing.  One thing that it SAYS it does already in the user manual as of right now (12 April 2022) is that you can select if you want the Voice FX to apply to Channel 1 (the XLR mic input) or Channel 2 (the headset mic input).  I confirmed today with a tech rep that that is a mistake in the manual and that this functionality is not there.  I was hoping to use this function in the manual for streaming and using a headset microphone and would love if this function could be added via a firmware update!  (Especially since it already claims that you can do this!)



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