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IO24 / IO44 Add ability for a MUTE Preset

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asked Jun 16, 2022 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by dimitarvelev (230 points)
IO24 / IO44 Add ability for a MUTE Preset, currently you can not assign a preset with a MUTE settings for quick muting of a channel

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answered Aug 27, 2022 by rdriedger (380 points)
Absolutely.  The Revelatory interfaces were marketed as being usable in Stand-Alone mode, but there’s almost no documentation and to learn the limitations of Stand-Alone mode users need to purchase a unit and be disappointed for themselves.

It’s neat that I can use the unit for processing live sound but without mute, fader, pan control or flexible routing the Revelator is just a bit disappointing without Universal Control running.
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answered Feb 22 by afonwang (170 points)
I use an alternative way to do it: Just set the threshold of gate to maximum, then save it as a preset and assign it to preset 2. It is a kind of mute if there was not impact sound.