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REVELATOR IO44 / Universal control features requests

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asked Oct 16, 2023 in Revelator Series by stefanomonziocompagnoni (310 points)
edited Oct 16, 2023 by stefanomonziocompagnoni

Hello, I'm using a rev IO44 on a MacBook Pro M1 with OS Ventura. 

I've noticed a few bugs with the universal control that I was hoping you could help me with. 

Here are the issues I've encountered: 

- The line-in fat bypass button doesn't work as intended: The graphics show all the effects are bypassed, but they aren't in reality.

- While selecting presets for each single effect (low noise gate, mid, high), the Universal Control does not show the loaded preset. 

- The line in DSP windows do not have any presets or memory locations to store user patch. 

- Each time the interface is powered off, it forgets the last setup status. 

In addition to fixing these bugs, I have a few feature requests: 

- I would like to be able to record the XLR input 1 with and without the DSP effects simultaneously. This will allow me to have both the flat and the processed recordings on my DAW, and I can choose which one to use for my song. 

- I want to auto-load a custom user scene and a user DSP preset when the interface is plugged into the computer. 

- I would like to remove the five less useful DSP effects (doubler, pitch, robot, etc.) and replace them with more useful effects like denoise, de-esser (a real one, not an adapted compressor), declick, derustle, and vocal isolation. 

- Change the 40-80-120hz hipass filter preset to 60-80-120hz. 

- Let the main out mute button have a user-selectable function to mute main out, headphone, microphone 1, microphone 2, or both microphones or line in. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

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