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Midi editor - up/down arrow keys, for re-pitching notes to scale , please?

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asked Apr 12, 2022 in MIDI Editing by bandybum (1,050 points)
Midi editor feature request -----

As you probably know, ticking the ‘scale’ box next to the midi editor forces notes being dragged up or down to conform to our chosen scale/chord – this is great!

Could we have the up/down arrow keys to function in the same way, please? (currently they re-pitch notes great, but without following the scale)

 A fantastic bonus would be for existing midi parts too automatically shift/conform upon ticking the ‘scale’ box?

Is there anyway to automatically add a midi note to a triad, which will reflect it's following a more complex chord (e.g. added 9th) chosen from the circle of 5ths chord selector?

And here’s to hoping you guys add yet further cool workflow enhancements to the already wonderfully fun pattern editor/sequencer!

Thanks for your consideration and continued efforts towards making Studio One an ever more awesome DAW :)

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