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Ableton Live 9 not responding to faderport

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asked Apr 13, 2016 in FaderPort Classic by justincrosby (1,900 points)

I recently bought a Faderport and it works fine with Logic and Studio One but Live does not respond at all to it. It shows up in the devices in Live and is set up for input and output as a Mackie Control device. I've followed all steps (as well as trying a few things people suggested on Youtube) and nothing works. Support has been useless and provided me with nothing other than sending me here to ask a question.

Gotta love it when a company sends its own customers to the tar pits to conjure up their own technical support! Let alone can't even get a product that's been out for a decade to work properly... Ugh, done with you Presonus... angry

Anyway rant aside .. if anyone else has experienced the same thing and/or has a solution please let me know... Would be massively appreciated!

Cheers all...

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answered Apr 20, 2016 by Jon T (6,300 points)
Were you directed to try this:

If it works in Studio One then the unit is functioning and you may need to talk to Ableton to figure out why it won't work in their software.
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answered Apr 21, 2016 by justincrosby (1,900 points)
reshown Apr 24, 2016 by ghasenbeck
Hey Jon,

Thanks. I've done everything in there... The Faderport would not flash when holding down stop. I also had everything setup the same as in the link... no luck. I'm in the process of returning the item as it appears it may be defective since it does not enter 'Live' mode...