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AR16c Correct Setup with Ableton Live - Windows

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asked Jun 24, 2022 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by paulmeerally (130 points)
edited Jun 25, 2022 by paulmeerally
I have 4 synths and 1 drum machine connected to the mixer and have my monitors connected to the Control Room outs. I have installed all drivers and selected the AR16c as my interface on my computer. In Ableton Live 11 full suite I have the StudioLive AR ASIO selected and enabled the respective input/outputs. I use the AKAI APC40 mkII controller for everything in Ableton, faders, mute, solo etc. After reading the user manual I found that you have to enable the USB Return button on the mixer to send the audio from Ableton/computer to the mixer however, I have to have all the faders down on the mixer and when I attempt to use the EQ's for each channel I dont hear any effect at all. If I raise any of the faders on the mixer whilst USB Return is enabled I get a doubling/flange type effect!  I guess Im struggling to understand how it all works/should work. I bought this model for its multitrack capability and have better control over the EQ'ing side of things so each synth sits nicely in the mix etc.

When I disable the USB Return button on the mixer I can shape the sound how I like and everything sounds great, I guess Im hearing everything as is whilst its going straight out to my monitors via the Control Outs (perfect for that DAW'less jam, but this doesnt help me when wanting to jam live in Ableton, when the faders of every channel in Ableton are down I still hear the audio coming through my monitors when the USB Return is disabled....

A few points to note:

I have nothing connected to the main outs on the desk, as mentioned, I send the audio via the Control Room outs to my monitors.

In Abletons audio preferences I have the following options -

StudioLive AR ASIO - (I have this one selected)

Studio 192 ASIO

StudioLive Classic USB

Studio USB ASIO Driver

StudioLive Series III ASIO

I am somewhat of a noob when it comes to studio desks so I apologise beforehand if the above is all a bit basic but Im still learning as I go and I cant seem to work it out. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Im going insane trying to work this out.....

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answered Feb 14 by kieymaximus (150 points)
hi.. its a good question ..

i need the answer too.. coz i wanna try this connection presonus ar16c to ableton live..

Presonus master please help us answer this question..