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What windows NIC are AVB compatible?

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asked Apr 14, 2016 in Computer Based Recording & Production by matthewshogren (190 points)
  • Your Computer Make and Model
    • HP ProBook 450 G3
  • Operating System and Version
    • Windows 7 Pro
  • Application Version
    • StudioLive 3
    • Capture 2
    • Universal Controller
  • Audio Interface and it's Driver Version
    • CS18AI
  • Digital Mixer and it's Driver/Firmware Version
    • RM32AI 
    • RM16AI
  • Fill out as much detail as possible in the "More Information" area
    • I am trying to do Multi Track Live Recording  from both mixers on a windows machine, are there AVB compliant machines/ Network Interface Cards, or am I going to have to use different computers for recording and the other apps I need Windows 7 Pro for?

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answered May 9, 2016 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
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Any Network card or motherboard with the Intel i210 Chipset 

Intel Chipset that supports AVB is i210 - Datasheet

In the US, this can be obtained from this vendor

NOTE: this will only address the hardware support portion of the problem. To record AVB audio on a Windows PC, you would also need OS/driver/software support for AVB. As of this time, driver/software support of AVB audio on Windows is only available through solutions from third party vendors such as this: