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Bug on Atom SQ - A-H Buttons can´t toggle between CC and Bank/Oct (on Studio One, only)

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asked May 9 in Atom Pad Controllers by tiagoribeiro3 (630 points)

On Setup menu, A-H buttons are set to CC

As we can see from this two images, on the Setup menu, the A-H buttons can theoretically toggle between CC and Bank/Octave mode, but, in Studio One, this change never happens (at least on my device). The A-H buttons are always stuck in octave mode, I couldn't find any way to make them work as assignable MIDI CC buttons

I've tested atom sq in other DAWs (aka generic mode), and this feature does actually work flawlessly, so I don´t understand why only on Studio One we have this limitation?!

I assume that further firmware updates will address this issue, otherwise, it doesn't make sense for this feature not to work in the only DAW it was designed for.

MIDI CC buttons are very handy and it's quite ironic that a controller with over one hundred physical and virtual buttons, can´t spare a few to act as normal CC buttons

PreSonus, hope you are listening, congrats for your job so far

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