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Atom SQ: Sustain: Toggle ON/OFF

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asked Jan 23, 2021 in Atom Pad Controllers by andreaspreuss (250 points)

If I play an Instrument with an Sustain, I have to hold down the "A" Button on the Atom SQ. But i have to hold it all the time, so i "lost" a hand for that.

Sometimes, I just want to hold a note. So it would be great, if the A-Button may switch Sustain On and Off, when I press it. And it would be great to, if I can adjust, that the Note will hold, till i hit another.

So I can use the Atom SQ for Live-Playing as a "String-Machine" (or something else), while I play on a second MIDI Controller or Music Instrument.

I Didn't find that feature, so I hope it will be come in future Updates?

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