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BUG: using Automation on channel editor Knobs (please upvote for fix)

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asked Mar 5, 2017 in Studio One 3 by tangerinedanger (1,330 points)
edited Mar 7, 2017 by tangerinedanger


I'm using studio one 3.3.4

whenever i try to set automation for a knob on channel editor, instead of get an automation line for the knob, i get an automation line for each control associated to this knob.

the right result wouldn't be that i get one automation line for the channel editor knob ?

i'm sending a image.

That's what i did...

An that Bellow is what i get...

Can you give me some hints ?


2 Answers

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answered Mar 5, 2017 by tangerinedanger (1,330 points)
I have a new information about it,

when i try to do the same thing from the multi instrument panel it Works, but when i try to do it directly on channel editor from one single instrument it doesn't work. i think this can be a bug.
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answered Aug 12, 2020 by nikolaykulyabko (1,850 points)
Why so few people actually came across this? Is no one else using knobs functionality or what? Or people just think it's gonna magically fix itself? I really hope development team actually reads these threads. Not just the popular ones.

As of version 5 knobs are automatable only on multi instruments and not on effects. Half the functionality.