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BUG: using Automation on channel editor Knobs (please upvote for fix)

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asked Mar 5, 2017 in Studio One 3 by tangerinedanger (1,220 points)
edited Mar 7, 2017 by tangerinedanger


I'm using studio one 3.3.4

whenever i try to set automation for a knob on channel editor, instead of get an automation line for the knob, i get an automation line for each control associated to this knob.

the right result wouldn't be that i get one automation line for the channel editor knob ?

i'm sending a image.

That's what i did...

An that Bellow is what i get...

Can you give me some hints ?


1 Answer

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answered Mar 5, 2017 by tangerinedanger (1,220 points)
I have a new information about it,

when i try to do the same thing from the multi instrument panel it Works, but when i try to do it directly on channel editor from one single instrument it doesn't work. i think this can be a bug.