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Up to 8 Banks of Atom SQ User Pages (That's a lot of Macros)

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asked Jan 3, 2022 in Atom Pad Controllers by artjohnson (1,370 points)
There's bound to be a way to add "Banks" of available, user-programmable buttons to the User pages. Rather than the standard four Presonus preset buttons and four user-adjustable buttons, eight user definable "Banks" would amount to 64 available pages, meaning 384 total available buttons! Do I have that right? Does Studio One 5.4 even have 384 keyboard shortcuts!?

Anyway, for ease of access, one could scroll through the eight pages per bank (of eight) using the Screen Encoder. The more freedom I get from my mouse, the more seamless is my workflow. This many macros would certainly be helpful!

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