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Move events in range relative to range selection

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asked May 13, 2022 in Editing by NoiseCoalition (1,240 points)

Would love the ability to use the range tool to select a range of events, option+click and drag to duplicate the events in the range, and the events keep their relative position within the range with the snap point being the at beginning of the range. Currently if you option + click and drag a range, the range disappears and the snap point becomes the beginning of the left most event, which is problematic when you want to duplicate events that were not originally snapped to the grid. In Cubase you can select the events in a range, and snap the beginning of the range to a bar and move the events relative to the range selection. Then you can move the range and snap the range to a bar which keeps the events in time. 

Examples below

Range is used to snap to a bar, keeping the event in time with the song

Studio One
The range disappears when moving the event and the beginning of the event snaps to the grid, which originally was not on the grid so it'll play out of time.
Video example:

Forum discussion:

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