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I had S14 Pro my computer crashed and lost it, can I redownload it or do I need to upgrade to S1 5 Pro

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asked May 14, 2022 in Studio One 4 by xaviersolivan (160 points)
I got Studio One 4 Pro thru Splice, I have not finish paying it off, my lap top crashed and I had to factory reset it and the DAW was earsed form my laptop. I want to redownload it, I know I have to finish paying it off but, Can i just redownload S1 4 Pro and finish paying off, OR do I need to upgrade now to S1 5 Pro and finish paying it off also.

Can someone please help me.

Thank you,

Xavier Solivan

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answered May 19, 2022 by colinotoole (16,490 points)
selected May 23, 2022 by mackjohnson1
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You still should be able to download it from your account. I can from mine.