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Playback issue

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asked Apr 3, 2021 in Studio One 5 by radosawdoliski (620 points)


Since I've upgraded to Studio One 5 I have this weird issue:

The session is playing back ok, then I click on the timeline to switch playhead position. After the switch not all tracks are playing back. For example all the other tracks like drums, bass, clean guitars are playing with no issue, but the distorted guitars are muted (but the mute or solo switches are not engaged). I've noticed that happens only on audio tracks, not on any other type of tracks.

Sometimes that happens also when I hit play totally from a stop position. This all happens very randomly with no apparent cause. It's not the end of the world because all I need to do is to hit stop and play again but it's super annoying to do that especially that I haven't this kind of issues on lower version of Studio One. 

Also I realised just now that this only happens on buses, so if something is not playing, it's the whole bus.

Does anybody have a solution for this?


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answered Apr 22, 2021 by lucaspiedracueva (1,510 points)
Exactly same problem here. It feels very inestable and    Super annoying when working with clients.

I think is something related to the hard disk.

I tried convert all files to same sample rate and bits as project was created .

Also copy all external files to session. This adjustments the for me reduces the random stops..

Hope someone find a real solution and a update for this. Please presonus, this is more important than a show page.
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answered Nov 24, 2021 by franckmariani (3,230 points)

I have the same problem and it is super annoying. Honnestly Studio One 5 is still super buggy and one of the most CPU intensive DAW. I'm thinking to move on another program, tired of waiting.
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answered Mar 20 by mohanklein (180 points)
hey there! any news on this? this makes serious mixing impossible, I need to use **** loads of buses and this random muting/lazyness of some tracks and hitting play multiple times is no workflow for a DAW that costs money it simply makes you lose focus and fun when working ... I will have to switch my DAW to reaper if you have not found a solution as presonus support did not really help ...