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Crackling audio from interface that gets recorded in Windows 11

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asked May 15, 2022 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by rafakiwi (130 points)
Hi there, I am using a Studio 68c to record on a Windows 11 PC. It's a Lenovo Laptop with Core i7 and 16GB of RAM so no resources issue. I get crackling while monitoring, but even worse, it gets recorded and can be heard afterwise so the recording is useless. The crackling cannot be heard when direct monitoring, only software.

The issue happens mostly on Windows, because while software monitoring on an iPad it did not happen. Also it's something from Presonus because with my older interface this did not happen even on this Windows laptop. With the Presonus Interface it happens with Studio One or any DAW I use.

Some information:

-I am not using any VST or processing while recording
-Windows 11 updated to the latest drivers
-Studio One and Universal Control with Latest Drivers
-Interface using latest firware. Reinstalled various times
-The PC does not have any antivirus other than Windows Defender

Things I have tried that haven't helped:
1) Increasing buffer size
2) Disabling all other audio devices
3) Setting minimum CPU % to 100%
4) Setting power plan to high performance
5) Using ASIO4ALL
6) Using Process Lasso to set Windows Audio process as High Priority
7) Setting the laptop in Airplane Mode
8) Creating new song in Studio One or other DAWs
9) Tried all ports, USB3 and USB-C
10) Restarted PC and Interface many many times.

I'm out of ideas. I can't work on an iPad so if this interface does not work with Windows I'll need to return it.

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answered May 17, 2022 by junhoshin1 (2,510 points)
for me, my work around is
to go to settings and RE CLICK my audio input and outputs (even tho they are ticked)
then the system recalibrates and everything works normally again (without the cracklin sound)

re- clicking the audio output in the MAIN output channel sometimes does the trick too
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answered May 23, 2022 by LucasTX (2,680 points)

Hi, I have a similar computer, and a similar interface (Studio 1810), and also use windows 11.  I struggled with pops and clicks until I followed all of the steps listed in the presonus article above. I don't know which step was the "silver bullet" (I suspect it might have been NOT diverting CPU from background apps / resources because your computer thinks your interface is a background app) but I am getting much better results.

Hope this helps.
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answered May 11, 2023 by fh18 (140 points)
This post is old but in case for other people in the same kind of situation: because I experienced the same problem recently:
Try the small ThrottleStop 9.5 software.
Available here:

It allows you to set up a REAL high-performance power plan (some PCs restrict this possibility). It also allows you to set the maximum processor temperature and many other things. Once the plan is created, in my case, no more cracking problems. And this plan remains present in your list of power plans available on your PC without needing to reuse the software.

If it can help!