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asked May 26, 2022 in Mixing by thomasbell7 (290 points)

With dual buffers low latency and what is "under the hood" S1 lends itself to be possibly a very capable live sound software based mix system.  The "Show" utility is mainly geared towards VST instruments and performing musicians.  It seems like with few adjustments it could be made to be really good software for this application.  There is very little that fills this niche and I think there could be untapped demand for it.

Things needed:

  1. Sends on Faders.  This has been consistently requested since 2015 and is implemented by most of your competitors.  That it has not been added makes no sense.
  2. Mute matrix with option for mute safes to avoid accidental muting of channels.
  3. Another thing that is a little frustrating is that UCNET remote is limited to 16 encoders and 16 buttons (a lot of channel strips have more.
  4. TouchOSC support.  This is a great utility and although it can be set up 128 step MIDI, it would be really nice if the OSC protocol could be supported as it offers much higher resolution.
I am going to cobble and hack my way to making this work because the dual buffer for performer monitoring is extremely important. It would be nice to see some requests actually implemented.  Put down the coffee and donuts and get to work!

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answered Jul 24, 2022 by tinjokleinsevert (170 points)
I also would very much like to see a version of S1 that is made for live foh mixing.
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answered Jul 25, 2022 by GTRtice (2,430 points)
Someone describe sends on faders to me, please. I don't understand how it differs from the sends that Studio One already has.