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Can Studio Live 16.0.2 be used for playback from a DAW with full mixing capabilities?

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asked Apr 17, 2018 in Classic Mixers by tonytrue (200 points)
I have a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 that I currently use as my recording interface.  I just bought a Faderport 8 to use for mixing purposes.  But I am looking to change out the Pro 40 interface for a mixing console style to have that more tactile feel than a mouse.

So my question is can the Studio Live 16.0.2 (Firewire) do what I want and be used as controller for the music that's is sent from a DAW?  I use Samplitude products for my recording and mixing at the moment such as Magix Studio 16 and Samplitude Pro X2.

So I guess adding a 16.0.2 could basically supercede the Faderport 8 in it's duties as a mixer, although I think they could be used in tandem as they seem to do some different jobs....thoughts here?

I am also wondering what the throughput for the Firewire is as it is 1394 and as I understand that is Firewire 400 and not 800.  I currently have a Firewire 800 Texas Instruments card in my PC, running Windows 8.1.

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answered Apr 17, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,920 points)
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For Live Mixing, we suggest using the StudioLive for that purpose and then when you go into the Studio, you can then use the 1602 as your Audio Interface, however for the DAW control aspect, that's where you'll need to use the FaderPort 8 as the faders on the 1602 do not function as a DAW controller.

You can use a FireWire 800 connection with the FireWire 400 by using a bi-lingual 1394 cable which has FW800 on one end and FW400 on the other which will work fine.
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answered Apr 17, 2018 by tonytrue (200 points)
Ok thank you Alex.

So in having both the Studio Live and Faderport 8 they would not be redundant...that is good to know that I did not waste my investment in the Faderport 8 for the setup.

As for the Firewire I'm still the Studio Live Firewire 400 or 800?  The card I have in my PC is 1394a and 1394b card for both 400 and 800 speeds.  Also what are the 2 Firewire ports for?...Can they be used concurrently or not?

Also as USB 2.0 is in theory faster than Firewire 400 would the USB model be a better option than the Firewire one?  I have heard from some people that have Studio Live boards that can be latency issues during playback on USB.  Thoughts?

Or should I just wait and see what the next brand and or model of board that Presonus is coming out with...maybe it'll be could only wish.

Thanks again