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Re: Voice FX. Is there a way to Pitch Up with Filters?

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asked May 29, 2022 in Revelator Series by vincetuibeo (130 points)

One of the main considerations for me to get a Revelator is the on-board DSP, so far, almost every feature, except for De-Esser and Pitch Up functions, I cannot find in any manual or existing video. I would like to know if these are possible. The De-esser question was already posted somewhere but I would like to ask about pitching up.

I have checked a certain manual and it says the Filters FX has Tune settings, but it doesn't say if if allows both pitching up and pitching down. Also, the granuality of each percent is unclear in terms of semitones. Thank you!

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answered Apr 14, 2023 by daveholyfield (240 points)

I hope that image below gives an answer. These effects are available currently.