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Connect to external bluetooth footswitch to start a track in Presonus Shows

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asked Aug 2, 2022 in Studio One 5 by jamesleahy (280 points)
For musicians like me who use both hands to perform, being able to connect a bluetooth footswitch for use in Presonus Shows would allow us to start each track without hands, such as in the middle of a song.

So it seems that two things are necessary to make this work:
1. Ability for Presonus to connect via bluetooth to an external device. (Not using a faderport)
2. Ability to map a function to that connected device's available functions.
Wouldn't this be great for live musicians? Currently, a footswitch and app like GoButton works, but require everything to be in Wav, FLAC, MP3 first, then imported. Whereas Presonus could give artists like me much greater control than a basic mixer over instrument channels such as EQ, effects sends, automation, loops, and much more control over live instruments as I do in the studio.
May I request this to be a feature? I could, in essence, leave the mixer at home and use an Audio input device, and Presonus on a strong laptop
Thanks very much.
James Leahy

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