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Start the Studio one track with an external midi device

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asked Nov 29, 2020 in Studio One 3 by malthus unholytoxicomaniac (120 points)

I have a question about a live situation:

My band wants to add some effects (mainly on vocals) temporarily, like extreme echo or pitch shift or whatever. But just temporarily, so for specific parts. Now, of course we could buy a vocal-effect-device, but we thought maybe its possible with studio one too. Please tell me if this is somehow possible:

We play live an B. X32 for in ear monitoring and a cymatic LP16 for backing tracks, click-tracks etc.
So every song is played with click-track!
Now my idea is to route all necessary inputs (vocals, maybe snare drum for reverb or whatever) from the mic to x32 to a laptop with studio one and back to x32 and from there to the FOH. Then we have to create tracks with effects on specific moments in the song. So the signal would be processed by a effect via studio one and after that comes to the FOH.

my first question is: is it possible to insert an effect for a specific time (e.g. 4 bars from bar 100-104) and apply this directly on the live track?

second question: is it possible to start all tracks in studio one (so basically to press enter) with an external midi signal? the cymatic LP16 has a midi output. so in my mind, i just connect the midi output from the LP16 to the laptop and to studio one and then the midi signal starts the track, ends the track and also jumps after one song ends to the next beginning of the next track?

A lot of questions, I know :) But i would be really thankful if some of you can help me with some of this stuff!

best regards!

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