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How to connect my 32SC to my computer for the purpose of livestreaming through the USB port.

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asked Aug 11, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by eddiekillian1 (150 points)
I am trying to send the sound from our Soundlive 32SC through USB for the purpose of streaming. I have been able to connect the USB from the computer to the soundboard, but have not figured out how to get the USB to send to the computer. I want this to connect through one of my AUX buttons and use one of my channels to control the volume. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I confess that I am know very little about patching and sending and all of that. I am the pastor of our church and just need a clear sound going through the computer to livestreaming. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. If you know of a YouTube video that I could look at, that would be even better.

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answered Aug 17, 2022 by mackjohnson1 (77,510 points)
selected Aug 24, 2022 by mackjohnson1
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This might help you out a bit

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answered Aug 28, 2022 by ebrabaek (240 points)
We use the 32S along with a host of other Presonus products in our church, and are using the sub outputs for our online streaming. I created  a sub A channel for the left side and B for the right side. I was wondering why you would use the USB for streaming audio, which you can, but I was wondering for the purpose of why as the 32S(c) has so many out put options that interfaces very nicely with stream controllers.