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Why won't my Audiobox USB connect to my new PC and how can I fix it?

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asked Feb 17, 2017 in Studio One 3 by anthonywehner (250 points)
I recently obtained a brand new PC, the HP Spectre, because my other one didn't have a capable RAM. When I plugged my Audiobox USB into the new laptop it worked on windows audio but when I open Studio One Artist it says "failed to open speakers (audiobox usb)" and "failed to open recording device (audiobox usb). I've tried many things and it says to make sure its set to stereo and the sample rates are matching, which they are, and it still will not open. What do I do?

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answered Mar 1, 2017 by maxstratmann (42,450 points)
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Ensure that you have the AudioBox USB set to the default playback and recording device in Windows Audio. Right click on the small speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and select "Playback Device." You can then select the AudioBox USB and choose "Set Default" and do the same under the "Recording" tab.

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