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How to properly ReWire a Notion drum set to S1

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asked Aug 12, 2022 in Studio One 5 by stefanbenedikt (530 points)
edited Aug 12, 2022 by stefanbenedikt
When having a Notion drum staff ReWired to Studio One, I don't see a difference between an open and a closed hi hat, for example. Notion always sends G4 for both closed and open hi hat. I just see velocity for each note, but no controller values. However, the Notion drum set plays open and closed correctly according to the notes but S1 receives only MIDI note G4 in both cases. I guess, open/closed HH and other accentuations/articulations are expressed through controller values instead of different MIDI notes.

What am I doing wrong? MIDI filtering, mapping, set-up???

In simple words, I would like to score it correctly (so that a drummer would be able to interpret) and at the same time have S1 play the corresponding sounds and articulations.

Thank you

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answered Sep 11, 2022 by stefanbenedikt (530 points)

Me again

I am really wondering why there is no reaction at all? Am I the only one with that problem or is it all clear to anybody and I am just stupid??

However, by accident I found an thread from Martin Kutscher with a solution. Thank you, Martin, works fine for me!