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Can't use midi keyboard in Notion when using Rewire with Studio One

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asked Feb 19, 2018 in Notion by nickcassidy (260 points)
Windows 10 64 bit
Notion 6, Studio One 3.5

When I set up Notion to use Rewire with Studio One, I have to open SO first, so it becomes the Rewire host. That has the unfortunate side effect of SO grabbing exclusive use of my MPK mini, so I can't use it in Notion. I suppose I could remove it as a device in SO, but then I'd have to set it up again when I need it in that app. Any suggestions, please?

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answered Feb 19, 2018 by thibaultlemeur (540 points)
selected Feb 20, 2018 by nickcassidy
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one proposal:

- install a virtual midi interface driver such as virtualMidi or loopBe

- install midi-ox and configure it to route your midi keyboard or control surface output to two virtual interfaces

- setup notion to use one interface while studio one uses the other one

- start midi-ox first (it will take exclusive access to your controler)

-  then start SO and then notion as a rewire plugin

my two cents,

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answered Feb 20, 2018 by nickcassidy (260 points)

Thank you @thibaultlemeur. Problem solved.