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Is there a way to get StudioOne to "follow" Notion's tempo changes?

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asked Mar 2, 2018 in Studio One 3 by santanajohn (130 points)
I'm having a heck of a time since I'm new to StudioOne, which I purchased hoping to get working with Notion. My goal is to use StudioOne to record CC data to mix down Notion tracks. I know I can transfer the tracks to StudioOne and work that way, but it would sure be convenient to be able to use Rewire. I can get Reaper to follow the Notion tempo when it is the slave, but StudioOne has to be the master. From all I've been reading about the latest versions of Notion and StudioOne, it looks like there is a way to get StudioOne to sync with the Notion tempo changes (on the tempo track recorded in Notion).

I've been through everything I can find to read on line, but there are different opinions and complex suggestions, when what I really want to know is just a simple yes or no. Can this be made to work or not? If not, I'll stop banking my head against the wall and go to plan B, but it's also possible that I'm missing something fairly simple, like telling StudioOne not to use a fixed tempo.

I purchased StudioOne mainly for this purpose, so I hope it's just that I'm still low on the learning curve. I've been a Sonar use, and even Sonar has an option to have its tempo follow that of the slave. I've not tried this with notion yet, because I expect it may be even more finicky, but I mention it because the trend seems to be that master Rewire applications are being able to follow tempo data from the slave. I also tried a demo of Cubase, because it said that if you "unclick" the fixed tempo button, the it would read and respond to the tempo sent from the slave (which is not exactly the same as "following" the slave tempo, I suppose, but it amounts to the same thing). I tried it, and could not make it work. Cubase just plays along at it's own tempo, locking the slave along for the ride.

Thanks very much. I know this was a little long by I a lot frustrated, having spent too many hours on this already.


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