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Aux send after EQ but before compression

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asked Sep 3, 2022 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by iadriadr (590 points)
edited Sep 3, 2022 by iadriadr
It would be awesome if we could  route to the aux after EQ but before the compression!

Maybe a selectable option for the compression on the PRE2...


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answered Sep 22, 2022 by danielsievert (11,840 points)
Right? Like every other live mixer on the market? Because we don't want to send compression to foldbacks but we do want to send EQ to foldbacks?  (The default send point for A&H QU & SQ).

I asked Presonus for this three years ago:

I'm going to assume, three years on - and with seemingly halted development on the StudioLive series - that Presonus has better things to do.  They will have shot themselves in the foot on this essential feature with the ability to switch EQ pre or post Compression.
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answered Mar 16, 2023 by simonwyttenbach (440 points)
Please Presonus! This really makes me feel less comfortable using your mixer. It complicates everything.