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FR for SL 16.0.2. Update or Successor

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asked Sep 5, 2022 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by saab1 (1,370 points)

Hi, in my opinion, the SL 16.0.2 is a very smart tool for different kinds of small events with professional ambitions. But there a missing (or left out by changing from FireWire to USB version) some features, which effort just a little bit of software tuning, I guess:

  • Channel labels via UC Surface are needed to remote the SL 16.0.2 proper
  • RTA in UC Surface for the GEQ (an maybe even in channel EQs) is needed, since ist was left out by change to USB version (although there are two more digital returns available than FireWire version)
  • SMAART-Tools in UC Surface are needed (the talkback input is still available)
  • Patching the Stereo Return on Windows devices to other channels than 1&2 is needed
  • Flashing Solo button ist needed, if any input/Aux is on solo and the MulitMode buttons are switched to mute or USB return mode
  • Remoting the SL 16.0.2 via UC Surface from another Windows device in the network (while the console is connected to a Windows/Mac device via USB) would be fine
Feel free to vote, if you agree! Thank you!

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