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Search facility upgrade

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asked Sep 20, 2022 in Documentation by iwandavies (280 points)
Could the search facility be upgraded please? As a new user (of less than 6 months) I find this less than optimal – it has the whiff of the 1990s about it. Simply put – what I search on is typically not what I get results on. Large lists usually appear typically most of which are way off topic. That’s not just in the product documentation but on the site too.

Could there be key wording please? The ability to just search by headings or heading hierarchies?

When an article or help page does appear it’s usually really good. The trouble is – it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

If the workload required to undertake the above is too costly, would it be possible to introduce a boolean search facility please?

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answered May 3 by drewplaczek (260 points)

I agree.  I asked for the same feature improvement through the support section and they sent me here. Here is what I wrote.

When using the built-in reference manual, the search feature is lacking some very critical but helpful abilities. For example, if I wanted to search for information about the Play Start Marker, and I type Play Start Marker in the search field, the results that are returned show every individual occurrence of the three separate words, Play, Start and Marker. Not very helpful when you're trying to narrow in on something that has a specific name in the Transport drop down menu. If I try to refine that search in the common way by putting quotations around "Play Start Marker" it yields zero results. That's really unfortunate, because I'm searching for something very specific that I know is referenced exactly with those words in a drop down menu in Studio One. Could you please work on improving the search-ability of the reference manual? I'm coming over to Studio One from Digital Performer, and although DP's reference manual is in pdf form, it is probably the best written and most searchable manual for any DAW software I've ever seen, and I've used all the major products out there. Thanks in advance :)