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Change editor window frame colour

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asked Sep 20, 2022 in Studio One 5 by iwandavies (280 points)
This is a nice to have – as opposed to vital – but would aid my productivity and reduce errors. Would it be possible to be able to change the editor window colour to a different one to the main window colour scheme?

It’s a simple thing (though I acknowledge that it may not be technically simple). However the layout of the tools on the main window and edit window are near identical. So it’s easy to go to a tool in the wrong window if you’re not running both at 100%. Then make a mistake, or waste some time. I’m typically not running the editor at 100% as I want access to the main window transport controls and sometimes edit / compose on the fly.

I know this is not a ‘deal beaker’ but it would be a pleasant and productive change.

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