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To add custom colour palettes tagged by track name/instrument type

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asked Jul 27, 2021 in Look and Feel by jasoncollins (760 points)
As someone who struggles with colours, I would like to be able to tag/name the colours by instrument type to ensure consistency in their use in my projects and songs. For example, being able to tag BLUE as BASS, YELLOW as VOCALS etc. either from the default colour options in the menu or by creating and saving a custom user palette and adding the common colours used with their instrument/track tags for recall in the future use and in other songs.

Or maybe Presonus adding its own custom palette and labels to get us started so there is consistency between users if sharing projects:

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answered Dec 9, 2021 by aifuding (1,930 points)
This is so important to me! I'm very used to using green for drumkits, pink for bass, blue for electric guitar, and brown for strings... But assigning colors to these tracks is a very troublesome task, especially when I'm  facing a project with 100+ tracks.