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Instrument track with multiple computers

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asked Sep 29, 2022 in Show Page by mariuuzfvindedal (270 points)
We use the show page to automate the patch changes on our amps, pedals and keyboards, which is an excellent feature update, and super useful!

However we set this all up at home on a stationary DAW, and then bring it to the rehearsal space using a laptop, which means all our program changes disappear.

Since external instruments are added with a UUID (universally unique ID) - even if we add the instruments before opening the show, with the exact same names and settings, they will not be picked up as the same instrument on the new computer.

This is means for every patch, we have to select the "new" equipment, activate patch changes, find the correct bank and PC and then save it, for every single patch, on every single instrument we add.

Then we would have to do the same again for a backup rig if we were about to play live. I would not like to be ready to play a gig, have to make a minor change in the backing track, and ending up with having to change 20+ patches manually on two separate computers as we are about to start the show.

When the show opens, a warning informs about the missing instruments, it would be excellent if this screen allowed us to replace the missing instruments without whiping all of our data.

This would allow us to fix the whole problem in a few seconds.

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