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Faderport 2018 - Pro Tools 2020 - Click Button, Redo Button, Markers Not Working

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asked May 14, 2020 in FaderPort 2018 by causedefect (120 points)
So I am using FaderPort 2018 in pro tools 95% of everything works amazing. EXCEPT Redo (shift+Prev works to undo perfectly) when i press shift+next to redo (a feature that is available according to the manual) it does not work.

Same for marker mode, I press the button, scrolling and marker creation does not work

Also I have a click track with metronome enabled and the click button does not disable/enable the click.

Firmware is up to date in Universal Control. Firmware v3.43

Any way to fix this? Is my unit defective? All the buttons that are supposed to work in pro tools light up and flash when pressed. I am at a loss.


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