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Unable to update firmware Faderport (2018) to v.3.42

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asked Apr 9, 2020 in FaderPort 2018 by berndschray (170 points)
FaderPort (2018)

Universal Control macOS x64 (Built on Feb 20 2020)

Hi guys, I did a Faderport update to v3.42 Everythings ok, its running. Then a message pops up. Update completed. Switch your Faderport off and on. After that, all lights are blinking. The only way to get it running again is to set the Faderport back to the installed factory version 3.01. Anybody knows what's the problem with this version?

Thanks for help. Bernd

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answered Apr 11, 2020 by Bbd (14,360 points)
selected Apr 11, 2020 by berndschray
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Please contact Support for your issue.
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answered Apr 14, 2020 by sph (270 points)
I have the same problem when updating Faderport (2018) to new firmware v3.42 with Universal Control Universal_Control_v3_2_0_56558 on Windows 10
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answered Aug 9, 2020 by ricktrace (220 points)
edited Aug 9, 2020 by ricktrace
***UPDATE: Turn the unit off... hold "NEXT" (Right) button... while turning the unit ON.

The lights will blink. Hit "SOLO".


Same problem here and its now August... so frustrating.

Windows 10 (64)

Studio One 5