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Is there a way to invert mousewheel direction for horizontal and vertical zoom?

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asked Oct 17, 2022 in Studio One 5 by matthewcasey (470 points)
I am on a Mac and am attempting to migrate from Logic Pro. I have a mouse with both vertical and horizontal scroll wheels (Logitech MX Master) that I use extensively. The problem in Studio One is that when holding cmd and using either mousewheel to zoom horizontally or vertically, the zoom direction is inverse of what I have been used to for years and what I still use with other programs. I don’t see a way to modify this in the Studio One preferences. It just feels so difficult to me to try to re-sire my brain to scroll the other way to zoom in or out.  

Is there a way to invert the zoom function on horizontal and vertical mousewheel-based ZOOM while retaining the standard mousewheel left/right and up/down SCROLLING directions?

Thank you!

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