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FR: Improvements for the tempo tracks (vertical zoom and automation-like working)

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asked Jan 15, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by dr4kan (810 points)
edited Jan 17, 2016 by dr4kan

It would be very very useful to be able to zoom vertically the data within the tempo track. If my track tempo is set to 80 bmp and I want to perform small tempo changes, it's a nightmare to work with a a tempo track which shows the tempo range from 0 to 300... It would be much much easier I could zoom to, let's say, the range from 70 to 90. 

Another thing: it would also help the possibility to add anchor points to change the tempo, just like automations. I add a point and I drag it. The current implementation is less user-friendly in my opinion and I ALWAYS end up ******** up something smiley



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answered Jan 16, 2016 by Funkybot (21,540 points)

dr4kan, please edit your post and renaming this thread to something more specific like, "Vertical Zoom for Tempo Tracks." This way people who search for the ability to add vertical zoom to tempo tracks will see it. I also suggest you tag the post with search terms like "tempo track, zoom."

I fully agree, there needs to be a way to vertically zoom in on the tempo track. Even if I make the tempo track take up the entire screen, I may not get the resolution I want. 

There's already a Feature Request to make Tempo Tracks work like automation. You can pretty much remove that from this request. Please go here to vote on it:

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answered May 19, 2016 by Awake1994 (2,040 points)

Great request! yes