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Can you set up audicity to record a running session in Studio One 5 pro?

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asked Oct 19, 2022 in Studio One 5 by jonmckenzie (150 points)
I've been using S1 to sync video and add voiceover and then bounce the video down.  Now I would like to record a running session during a mix, possibly with a running commentary (although I could add this in later)

If I stop or move the cursor around during a mix none of this process will appear in a bounce down. I thought about running Audacity in the background to pick it all up live but my WASAPI settings aren't picking up anything from S1.  Works fine if I test from another source (e.g YouTube)

Not sure what I'm missing and it's all got a bit technical for me.  Please give your best 'answer for dummies' :)  

Also, if there is an alternative way of accomplishing this I'm all ears!

1 Answer

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answered Oct 28, 2022 by mhepworth (690 points)

When I do videos I use Studio One as a capture and my primary DAW for tutorials. I capture the main output as well as my main mic input. Make sure every channel is muted in your capture DAW. 

You just need to make sure you have exclusive mode disabled and release audio device in background on Windows. Should be fine on Mac. The screenshots are from S1 v4, because that's what's on the system in front of me, but it's under audio options.