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Dose Highlighting (Selecting) a certain track in the session changes monitoring levels ?

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asked Dec 3, 2022 in Studio One 6 by ogahmed (140 points)

Hello guys

i definitely did not ask the question correctly above but my issue is that i feel like the mix dynamics everytime  i highlight a different track in the session , and i feel like i don't get the whole mix true dynamics until i highlight the Master track that when i feel like the mix sounds together but my room is untreated and i don't have best equipments so i can't really tell what's changing or if it dose change in first place but i would be crazy cause it dose change !

so my question is dose working or selecting a different track in the session give the specific selected track any type of priority when playing back ? like Focus ? , or Boost ?  , or put in front of everything else in the mix ?

and if it dose is there a way to stop it ? manage it ? or bypass it to listen for the whole mix because it getting me very confused when recording my vocals because my different takes start sounding different every time i do something and its a big mood & performance killer as i freestyle my melodies and lyrics and its a very mood dependent type of music writing

or maybe a way easier question , what the right way to montoir the whole true mix together ?

i'm sorry for the unprofessional way i ask the questions but i don't have experience in music mixing or Daws so i'm not familiar with better terms to ask i looked everywhere for answer but it either never  asked or i'm not searching the right sentence for the topic

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