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How do I use my PreSonus audio box with to record audio in other applications, such as audacity and premiere?

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asked Jan 21, 2019 in AudioBox i-Series by calepage (120 points)

I have been recording vocals with the audio box within studio one for a few months now and it has worked like a charm, although I wanted to record narration in different programs without having to transfer recordings across from studio one to these other applications. So after setting my mic and audio box up I was faced with endless error signs, even though within audacity and premiere the box is set up correctly. I think this is because the PC doesn't properly recognize it as an audio device, despite it appearing in the sound menu and me having the drivers up to date and sample rates configured. I am unsure how to fix this or whether its the case at all.

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answered Jun 21, 2019 by eugenejoanen (140 points)
I have the exact same issue.  Have you discovered a solution or work around?  I cant seem to get premiere to see it as a recording device and have the same erros you have if I have both open at the same time .  With overdubs I have to shut down premeire, remember the gap of time I have to fill the narrative and go back and forth until I get it right.