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Muting Video Mutes Everything

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asked Oct 23, 2022 in Studio One 5 by gaylordswaby (120 points)

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I, too, have Windows 11 and Studio One 5 and have imported a video which plays properly.  I've exported the audio to a track because I want to adjust the gain envelope.  To avoid hearing double audio (the new track and the video), I mute the video, but all the tracks get muted, too, because it appears that Studio One is muted in the Windows mixer.  I tried changing the "Release audio device in background" at Options > Audio Setup > Audio Device, but same result either way.  I also tried clicking the Control Panel button there and tried to activate the Exclusive Mode checkbox in the Windows Audio popup, but it was not allowed.

Any advice?  Has anyone been able to solve this?

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answered Mar 28 by leonardbernd (320 points)

Late answer, but I just ran into the same issue. I resolved it by switching the audio driver.

My exact situation: I needed to record some sounds I made on an external piece of hardware (M8) that supports Audio/MIDI-via-USB. In order to save myself the cables to record the output via my main interface, I switched over to an ASIO-driver that allows selecting different input- and output devices, allowing me to select the M8 as an input and my interface as an output (for monitoring). This works great for recording, but then I bumped into the issue described above, with S1 being muted in the windows audio mixer. "Release audio device in background" also didn't work.
When I switched back to the main driver for my interface, everything went back to normal.

Tried to test this behaviour with ASIO4all as well, and here it's the other way around - I always hear my DAW playback, but I can't get the sound from the video to play.