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sound card mutes

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asked Nov 20, 2019 in AudioBox USB by bulatkhannanov (170 points)

my sound card constantly turns off after a certain period of time. When I turn on I have to plug the power cable, then the problem is fixed and the device works. I tried to rearrange different versions of drivers, as indicated on the manufacturer’s website Presonus more than 7 times, but nothing helped. The sound card is connected to usb 2.0, before that I used it on win 7 and everything worked stably. Also, when a defect manifests itself, the computer shows that there is sound on the computer, the signal lamp on the sound itself lights up in red (as usual).
Properties of the system:
processor: ryzen 5 2600
motherboard: gigabyte b450 ds3h
RAM: 32 gb reeinno
ssd WD 120 gb
hdd: seagate barracuda 1 TB 7200
Please help with this problem, thanks!

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answered May 27, 2021 by michaelpardus1 (2,700 points)
edited May 27, 2021 by michaelpardus1
OK> My issue was different. I deleted my previous message. My bad.