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Automation points

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asked Nov 11, 2022 in Editing by joebanko (260 points)
Can an option be added for controlling how far an automation point will move using the OPT-Up/Down arrow process? Also a way to synchronize automation points across multiple tracks. If I want several instruments to be at the same level I have to move each one individually. Yes, you can type a value but I've run into an issue where creating an automation point, right clicking for the mini dialog, type in a value and when I hit OK the point disappears. Same thing with existing points, change the value in the dialog, hit enter and the point disappears. I have found that turning off READ and switching to Auto will fix the issue in most cases, but will still happen.


Joe B

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answered Nov 28, 2022 by princeagrawal (13,540 points)

Hi Joe,

1. For moving automation points in a controlled way, you can use commands : 

Nudge Up/Nudge Down  &  Nudge Up Fine/Nudge Down Fine

It works particularly well, when these commands are assigned keyboard shortcuts. Just select the automation points you wanna move and use these commands. Alternatively, while moving the automation points with a mouse, you could hold [Shift] modifier key to move the points in smaller increments and in a much controlled way.

2. For applying same automation to multiple tracks at once, the best way to do it would be through VCA automation. Just select all the channels that you want the same automation applied to and create a VCA channel for those selected channels. Write your automation to the VCA channel and all the other channels will follow suit with it. Once, you are happy with the automation and ready to commit, simply right click on VCA channel and select "Merge VCA Automation". That will write the VCA automation to those individual channels.

Hope this helps.