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Can't import VST2 presets for UVI Falcon

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asked Nov 23, 2022 in Studio One 4 by johnsmith (160 points)
edited Nov 23, 2022 by johnsmith

Hi there, after installing Windows 10 and Studio One Professional 4.6 on a new drive, my VST2 presets do not work. Using the "Import Preset..." option displays the following message:

"One preset file was imported. But it' not a preset for Falcon!"

Presets do not show in the menu, and no changes occur in Falcon

The presets were stored using  the "Store Preset..." option in Studio One's standard preset menu.

The "Load Preset File..." option has no effect. either. 

Creating new presets using the "Store Preset..." option does work as it should, but copying my old presets in the  newly created preset's directory  has no effect. 

I wrote UVI, and they wrote me back that they have received similar reports from other Studio One users. Please help me import my VST2 presets, Thanks in advance:)

Best regards:)

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