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Can't get back to download page for Trophies presets

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asked Dec 24, 2019 in Studio One 4 by markandrews9 (140 points)
Successfully downloaded Trophies (and installed) but got locked up trying to download the large presets files. After re-booting I can't find the download page on StudioLinked. The Presonus deal does not show in my account on StudioLinked. Has anyone else been through this?

Not an access problem, not a popup issue, and the presets are not installed in a different location as I never got to download them. Left a message for StudioLinked but I'm not hopeful that they have staff to respond. Presonus support tickets won't submit for me.

Thanks for any input.

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answered Jan 13 by lisarowe (3,510 points)

don't know if it matters anymore.  on this page is a link back to the site for further downloads.

: )