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Can the Position of Scroll bar always be centered when the Score readjusts on Notes/objects input?

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asked Nov 28, 2022 in Notion Feature Requests by geebo2b (370 points)

Often, when inputting Notes/Rests/ or other notational objects, for some reason, the Score needs to re-configure size and placement of score. More often than not, this repositioning shifts the Scroll bar  from the position in front of you, to some more distant location causing the need to SEARCH for the position where you were inputting the note. Frequently it is totally off screen . Just as frequently, when you do find where you were inputting notes, placing a new not or other object will cause the Score to reconfigure again, usually back to the screen placement it Jumped from. This is very annoying and time consuming to have to manually locate your edit position becasue of this need of the score to reconfigure. Would it be too dififcult to write in some code or script that regardless of the screen reconfiguration, the cursor/scroll bar is automatically located and placed in front of you so as not NOT have to hunt for it. I said something about this issue many years ago and all I got as an explanation was that , the Score needs to reconfigure when certain things input need to be spaced etc. Well, ok, that is obvious, but, is there NO CODE at all to be written that when the SCORE by design automatically reconfigures, a little piece of CODE also tells the score to make sure the place of input is automatically located and placed in view so as to NOT interrupt the flow by having to go looking for where you were??

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