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How do I record 2 or more channels to a single audio file on the SD card port?

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asked Nov 30, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by donburroughs (150 points)
Need to record 2 or more input channels to the board SD card in one single file. Would also like to be able to record the mains to one sing e file on the board SD card.

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answered Dec 5, 2022 by Dorday (4,610 points)
selected Dec 9, 2022 by mackjohnson1
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I think this would be a great feature request.  We should be able to select more that just the analog input channels to be recorded on the SD card. As far as I know, there is no way to do it in the current firmware.  But you could use an Aux and send the Channels you want to it, then patch the Mix out on the back of the mixer back into an Input Channel on the mixer then select that Channel to be recorded in the Capture screen. Whew, that sounds complicated. LOL  I hope this helps.