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S1 Feature Request : Fix the "Rewind Bar" command.

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asked Dec 3, 2022 in Editing by princeagrawal (13,690 points)

The "Forward Bar" and "Rewind Bar" commands in Studio One, as far as my understanding and logic goes, should Forward and Rewind to the nearest Bar respectively. This works as expected when the cursor is already on a Bar. 

Say the cursor is on Bar 4, Forward Bar jumps the cursor to Bar 5 and Rewind Bar jumps the cursor to Bar 3, which is working correctly and as it should.

But when the cursor is between two bars, say bar 9 and 10, "Forward Bar" command makes the cursor jump to Bar 10 (the nearest bar forward from the cursor position), which is as expected (See GIF below) :

But when "Rewind Bar" command is executed in the same example, The cursor should jump to bar 9 (the nearest bar behind the cursor), however, it jumps to bar 8, which makes no sense to me. (See GIF below) : 

I think its a bug, but Presonus support says that its intended behavior. Hence this feature request.

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