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optimizing audiobox96 input impedance for optimal signal quality into daw

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asked Dec 3, 2022 in AudioBox USB by danaird (120 points)

I have an audiobox usb96 as my interface, an 8 string with fishman fluence (~2000ohms impedance) and a spark amp (headphone output impedance of 1 ohm). I’ve tried connecting the guitar to the audiobox (high added gain, probably overloaded audiobox impedance) and routing through the amp via a headphone to patch cord adapter. I’d like to know how to best optimize the signal into my audiobox. Do you have suggestions?

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answered Dec 22, 2022 by mattbennett1 (4,060 points)
edited Dec 22, 2022 by mattbennett1

From the manual: " Active instruments are those that have an internal preamp or a line-level output. Active instruments should be plugged into a D.I. box, which should then be connected to the mic input rather than directly to an instrument input." Whirlwind Imp 2 is a good direct box, if you can find one. Lots of other DI boxes out there too. I've used Klark Teknik and have no complaints. They have the reasonably priced DI10A. If you are wanting to capture the sound of the Spark amp, just throw a mic in front of the amp. You could get a DI box and a mic and record both channels for more creative flexibility.