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No input on Studio one artist using Audiobox96

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asked May 18 in Studio One 4 by anthonyharvey1 (140 points)
I was running Studio One Prime and an ancient Tascam U1221 USB interface and had no issues whatsoever with the sounds. I thought I would update to the Audiobox 96 and the Studio One Artist.

I am no longer able to gain an input signal from my guitar when it is plugged in.

In the audio configurations Audiobox is selected, but no input is received when trying to record.

i can play external music fine through the box.

Thank you for your help :)

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answered May 18 by joegilder (13,660 points)
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Click the little "I/O" button in the top-left side of the mixer, and make sure you have created a few inputs for your interface.
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answered May 18 by joegilder (13,660 points)
This video explains it: