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The ability to remove devices from "Playback Devices" or Disable Dialog Box/Error Message

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asked Dec 15, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by GTRtice (2,120 points)
This request pertains to the dialog box which reads: "The sample rate does not match your audio device configuration". TLDR; I have to deal with this dialog box multiple times a day for a reason I can't change and it's just so persistent and annoying. It would be amazing if an option could be added to disable this dialog box, or even an option to tell Studio One to ignore certain audio devices entirely.

The longer version:

I've got 2 LG monitors that use HDMI (Display Port not an option), and my computer recognizes them as audio output devices. They cannot be disabled as output devices on MacOS.

When I turn off my interface, Studio One switches automatically to the first monitor audio output, causing an error message for each monitor since the operate in 48.0 kHz and I use 44.1kHz most of the time. I cannot disable this error message, I cannot disable the monitors as available audio devices, and I cannot tell Studio One to favor my Mac's speakers over the monitor audio outputs, since the devices are listed alphabetically and Studio One defaults to the top of the list ("LG Monitor" appears above "Mac Mini Speakers", and therefore is the default when I turn off the Apollo).

I hope I've explained this well. It would be nice to have a solution for this ever so minor annoyance that occurs multiple times a day. Apple can't be expected to allow users to disable entire audio outputs, but I wouldn't be surprised if the good folks at Presonus made that possible, or at the very least adding an option to disable to dialog box entirely.

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